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Online Support Groups in 2024
VIRTUAL Sessions ​


Join us at our monthly support group, held on Zoom on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 7:30pm - 8:45pm ET. Advanced registration is required for each session.

Topics include coping strategies and self-care, parenting children with tics, supportive family routines, finding resources & coordinating care, and partnering with schools. Participants are asked to affirm our Group Norms and Values prior to attending.

Register to get your personal attendance link here:​​​

Tourette Expressions Apparel


Craig Mollins has just launched a Tourette syndrome apparel project. Where he makes Tourette inspired paintings, and puts them on clothing. The inspiration is to help raise awareness of Tourette syndrome, and to give people who have Tourette’s a creative way to let others know they have Tourette’s.


You can see more at


NYU Langone Health, a Tourette Association of America Center of Excellence, is presenting a series of talks about understanding and treating Tourette’s and tic disorders. In this series of talks (presented both in person and livestreamed via Zoom), join faculty from the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the NYU Langone Tics, Tourette’s Disorder, and Trichotillomania (T3) Program to learn from a panel of experts about evidence-based clinical interventions for tics and Tourette’s, and resources to help support youth with tics and Tourette’s in educational settings.


Educator’s Guide: Supporting Youth with Tourette’s and Tic Disorders – March 25, 2024


Parent and Caregivers Guide: Support for Youth with Tourette’s and Tic – April 29, 2024

Take 2 Minutes to Submit an Action Letter

More than 320 advocates participated in Tourette National Advocacy Day, in Washington, DC, but we still need you to Submit a take action letter and ask others to do the same so we can ensure improved support and vital funding for the Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders community!


Submitting a Take Action Letter takes less than 2 minutes and makes a huge impact. Simply fill in the form, then press Send Message. If you are comfortable, you are invited to add a personal story to the letter. 


When you're finished submitting your letter, don't forget to let everyone know by sharing a post on social media with #IAdvocateFor and tagging the TAA. We would love to reshare your post. Tell the world who you're advocating for!

Submit your action letter HERE



When you join TAA as a member, you play a critical role in making a difference and you join thousands of individuals, families and professionals who are working to raise public awareness, advance scientific understanding and treatment options, educate professionals, and more!

Plus, a percentage of your membership fee goes directly to our local chapter to help fund our programs and services.

A Toolkit for Teachers

As schools across the state open this week, parents of our kids are both excited and apprehensive.  Will the teachers know anything about TS?  Will my child’s teachers understand and accept my child with all of their symptoms?  How can I approach the teachers, make sure that they are educated about these disorders so that my child can have the ultimate opportunity of having a great school year? Download our TAA Eductional Toolkit for Teaching Children with TS.


Check out our pal Jamie Sanders' response video to a careless remark about Tourette Jimmy Fallon made and his thoughts on all Tourette-related jokes.

Comic Book Superhero Twitcha

for School and Remote Learning


  • Comic is available in hard copy or downloadable format

  • The themes of Twitcha include: Acceptance, Empowerment, Anti-Bullying

  • Free, downloadable and complete lesson plan created by a teacher. Plus a coloring sheet for the younger children.

  • Each component of the lesson plan provided coincides with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Your donations fund what we do. 

Company matches are welcome.

Thank you from the TAA NYC Chapter

serving the NYC Tourette Community.



NYC TAA Meetups are currently on pause.



The Healthy Brain Network continues to provide comprehensive evaluations and reports with recommendations to families. 

Participating families receive the following at no-cost:

▶ Comprehensive, study-related diagnostic evaluation
including academic, social-emotional, and attention
and reasoning skills assessments
▶ Feedback report detailing results that can be used
to inform treatment and classroom instruction
(IEP/504 plan), as well as College Board accommodations
▶ Consultation with a licensed clinician to
discuss results and recommendations
▶ Treatment recommendations and
local referrals (if appropriate)
▶ Up to $150 compensation for your time

347.694.HELP (347.694.4357)



Contact us if you would like to become a trained One Tic at a Time volunteer! We'll arm you with the information and strategies- all you need is the heart and desire to educate others as to what TS is all about. Email us for more information!

NYC Seminar Center

Special thanks to Tod Shapiro, principal and owner of the NYC Seminar Center, for providing a meeting space for our board of directors.

NYC Seminar and Conference Center 71 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010 Toll Free: 800-326-5494 • NYC: 646-336-4455

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