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Tourette and Resilience

Common Associated Disorders in Tourette


OCD                               8 to 40 %

Non OCD anxiety          30 to 40 %

ADHD OR ADD             50 to 60 %

Mood disorders             30 to 40 %

Academic difficulties     16 to 68 %

Sleep disorders             20 to 50 %


Executive Function


Enables higher order, goal-directed cognitions, selective (yet flesible) focusing, planning, anticipation and efficient execution


  • Selecting and maintaining focus on relevant subjects

  • Planning & organizing informatin and ideas

  • Prioritizing

  • Initiating and sustaining effort

  • “Working Memory”

  • Inhibiting competing thoughts and actions

  • Self monitoring

  • Self regulation

  • Time-management


Executive Dysfunction in Tourette


Possible Symptoms


  • Problems with initiation & motivation

  • Dawdling or rushing

  • Problems “switching gears”

  • Forgetful “unprepared”

  • Problems handling multi-step directions & actions

  • Poor time management, problems prioritizing

  • Poor self-regulation, emotional reactivity


Impulse Control Disorders (ICD) in Adults with Tourette


74.2% of sample (33 individuals) had at least one ICD


  • Intermitment Explosive Disorder 51.6%

  • Compulsive Buying Disorder 41.9%

  • Compulsive Computer Uses 22.6%

  • Kleptomania 12.9%

  • Trichotillomania 9.7%

  • Pyrmania 9.7%Body

  • Dysmorphic Disorder 6.5%





Envision the Tiger from Life of Pi in the boat with you. Manage your TS by not allowing it to manage you!

TS is your tiger, manage him/her!


Learn and use strategies that enhance managing your tics


  • CBIT, CBT, environmental accomodations


Learn about psychiatric comorbidities and how these conditions may be impacting your functioning. Get good treatment.


As per Dr. Budman; If you can’t do it like everyone else then do it differently!


Thank you to Psychiatrist, Dr. Cathy L. Budman, for this wonderful Tourette Talk.


Dr. Budman is an internationally recognized expert in Tourette Syndrome. She also serves as a member of the National Tourette Syndrome Association medical advisory board and is on the steering committee of the International Tic Consortium. Dr. Budman is a member of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Research Center. Dr. Budman has received and has been the site manager for several grants in researching Tourette Syndrome. She is a well published author of articles and handbooks on Tourette Syndrome.

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