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Information about Tourette:

The Tourette Assocation of America:  the website of our parent organization, national TAA. Answers to FAQs, the latest on Tourette research,  pamphlets on Tourette and much more.  

Leslie Packer's Home Pagea website run by a clinical psychologist who is the mother of Tourette children.  Contains excellent information on Tourette and co-morbid conditions, interesting excersizes for teachers to help them understand Tourette, an index of the latest scientific research and much more. 


Life's a Twitch:  a website for kids and adults with Tourette.  


Information about Medications:

RXList :  detailed information on prescription drugs.  


Alternative Approaches to Tourette:

Latitudes :  information on non-pharmacological interventions and Tourette.  


Information about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:

Obsessive Compulsive Foundation


Education Information:

Families and Advocates Partnership for Education: FAPE presents easy-to-read documents on various special education topics. Their Facts-On-Hand Publications, Research Briefs, Fact Sheets and Promising Practices answer many questions and address many issues frequently posed by parents and professionals. 


National Center for Learning Disabilities: information about learning disabilities, advocacy, parental strategies, and resources like tutoring, testing, & behavioral support.

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