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Highlights from Take In Comedy 2018

A night of comedy and laughter to benefit the Tourette community

Thank you to everyone who attended!

A heartfelt thank you to Richard Gossett, CEO & Principal of RDG Global for once again being

a Top Banana supporter.

Thank you to Vanessa Weeks for being a Headline supporter.

Shout out to Lil Arbogast, Thomas Goodner, Rovena Schirling, and George and Debbie White for being Stand-Up supporters.

A special thanks to Elana Oppenheim for delivering a stellar Take a Chance Raffle

and Chelsea White for her outstanding job as MC and overall organizer of the event.

A show of gratitude to Deanna Berkeley of Alice + Olivia, Jonah Miller of Huertas, Lil Arbogast, Gardiner Comfort, Devin Delliquanti, Gina Feliciano, Nick Mosca, Felice Oppenheim, Carolyn Renner, Kevin Schatell, Gary Schneidkraut and Chelsea White for their generous contributions to our raffle!


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